10 Excellent Scotch Whisky Resources

My plan for The Whisky Mafia going forward over the next several weeks is to navigate away (for now) from the Whisky 101 series I’ve been presenting so far, and delve a little more into some personal stories, tasting notes, & in-depth whisky discussions. Before I shift gears however, I wanted to leave you fine readers with a generous handful of some truly useful additional resources to further your whisky education. I’ve by no means come across the information I’ve presented so far via divine intervention, so let’s take a look at some of the resources that I use on a daily basis to keep my brain soaked with whisky knowledge.

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How Do You Drink Whisky?

Welcome back! Last time we jumped into the question of What Is Scotch Whisky? and this week I’m following it up with some practical tips and suggestions for drinking and enjoying whisky. The question of how one should best enjoy their whisky is far more a matter of personal opinion than of science, but I aim to at least nudge you in the direction of conventional whisky wisdom when it comes to getting the best possible experience out of your dram. Just remember the golden rule while reading through this post: these are merely suggestions. How, when and why you enjoy your whisky is entirely your business, don’t let anyone dictate to you or try to tell you you’re wrong for getting satisfaction out drinking whisky any way you like it.

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What Is Scotch Whisky?

Now that I’ve broken down some old myths about Scotch whisky and given you some practical recommendations for starting points, let’s take a step back and get down to brass tacks for a minute here. Crowing about what whisky isn’t without telling you more explicitly what it is, and then giving you buying recommendations without any sort of guidepost about what exactly you’re supposed to do with these mysterious bottles once you get your hands on them, seems counterintuitive at best, potentially negligent at worst. Rest assured, as in all cases there is at least some method to my madness. Today I’ll be covering the first question What Is Whisky? In my next post, I’ll dive into the second, How Do You Drink It?

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5 Great Beginner Scotch Whiskies

Now that I’ve hopefully erased some of your prejudices about Scotch whisky with my introductory post, it’s time forge ahead and offer you some nuts and bolts practical suggestions about which whiskies you should try in order to kickstart your newfound malty obsession. Below are 5 recommendations that should serve as great starting points for the whisky novice (and damn enjoyable drams for the seasoned whisky pro to boot).

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5 Myths About Scotch Whisky Dispelled

Hello and welcome to The Whisky Mafia. My plan for this blog is to help induct more loyal soldiers into the whisky drinking fold, with a particular emphasis on understanding and appreciating Scotch single malt whiskies. In order to do that, dear reader, you’ll first need to disavow yourself of some preconceived notions about Scotch whisky that are a common barrier for entry into what can at first glance appear to be a bafflingly complicated and closed off world. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

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